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Recommended Premium WordPress Themes

StudioPress Premium WordPress ThemesSometimes a site has to be a little better and that’s where Premium Commercial WordPress Themes can have an advantage. Themes like this take many hours of development and design time but can be priced low enough to make them a good choice sometimes. Revolution Themes ( now StudioPress) are highly configurable themes with many options and features and your purchase comes with excellent support. Check them out and see if this is the type of theme you want to work with. We have worked with them and they are very nice indeed!! We would be glad to work with you on your project using a Revolution Theme. Click the banner to the left and see for yourself.

Click here to visit StudioPress website!

More Recommended Premium WordPress Themes

Click Here and Check out Style WordPressAnother place to get top quality Premium WordPress Themes is StyleWordPress. They also have a nice collection of specialized themes available including magazine and newspaper styled themes.

Prices here are also very low and if you want to start out with a bang this may be the way to go. Click the banner to the left and check them out. They provide excellent support and we’re also here to help if you need it.

Click here to visit StyleWP website!


wordpress.org – Many FREE themes are available with live demos and forums to address problems and concerns. Themes from the WordPress Theme Directory are normally pretty well proven and up to date.

NeoEase by MG12 – The designer of the theme we used when we first decided to convert our website to WordPress. The iNove theme which has become very popular and is one of the most downloaded themes.   He  also a few others along with some great plugins!

Nice 3 Column Themes are listed here. This is a collection of themes from various authors and sites.

www.freewpthemes.net – is another place that offers plenty of nice themes all FREE.


Another nice site offering many unique themes.

All Free!

This is a very large collection of themes covering many differnt styles. One of the largest free collections on the web.

All Good!!

How about a magazine style theme. Magazine styled themes usually require a little editing and modifying to fit your requirements but they make for a very nice front page presentation. Check out the Saturn Themes for a great looking free magazine styled theme.